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We’re a team of specialists. People with rough edges, big hearts and commitment. Enthusiastically we are working on our projects. Always looking for new trends, success-oriented strategies and inspiring ideas. We go through thick and thin to develop your brand further. We collaborate with you to fully understand your objectives and deliver unique ideas for your brand, your business, your project.

Claudia Lagler, MSc
Head of Marketing

She is the first contact person for all your marketing objectives, taking care of your needs with heart and expertise. She conceptualizes effective projects, supports you in positioning your brand and develops a creative and result-driven media concept. A real expert for your online and offline activities. Years of experience, comprehensive knowledge of the market and the motivation to never stand still, but always develop further, are the foundations of her work. She’s the booster for your brand.

Ing. Martin Trenkwalder

Werbung im Herzen, Berge im Blut – the mindpark motto and the founder of the hotel marketing agency are a perfect match indeed. Close to nature and his family, passionately working on his farm, Martin is Tyrolean to the core. Nonetheless or even more so, his thinking is not limited to the Alpine region. He is an expert for marketing, advisory services, search engine optimization and search engine advertising.  He is responsible for effective performance marketing. His know-how is most wanted – as court-appointed expert witness he furnishes expert opinions on information technology, work, business and office.

Henriette Pors
Accounting, SEO, Onlinemarketing

Henriette has many talents and applies her skills in a broad range of working fields. For our clients she is the first contact person when it comes to presenting content in newsletters – tailored to your brand. Furthermore, she provides orientation in the jungle of numbers of our accounting. Optimization is her priority, always keeping your search performance in mind, she gives the ranking of your website a boost. Conquering new heights is her goal in her free time as well, which she preferably spends hiking the Tyrolean mountains.

Jessica Rabbow

One doesn't have to be born in the mountains to have them in his/her heart. So, Jessica gathered years of experience in the fields of design, tourism, and marketing with view of the sea before she found her way to us - straight into the heart of the Alps. At mindpark, she is a friendly haven for clients seeking answers to marketing questions and a helmswoman navigating the vast ocean of social media. Additionally, she has an overview of all projects and maneuvers them swiftly and securely through the departments from the initial idea to successful completion. As a stress-tested family manager, Jessica also masters challenging situations with a smile.

Patricia Köhle, BA
Art Direction, Creative

Despite being part of the mindpark crew for quite some time now, her ideas are still fresh as the morning dew. Patricia knows how to tailor-fit ideas to the brands of our clients. With a feeling for colours competing with Goethe’s Theory of Colours, she imbues our tools and materials with new life. Her special instinct for fonts supports her in developing an enduring position for your brand. She gets your message across to your guests without twists and turns. At the same time, she advices and motivates our team of creatives in her function as art director. Your products will receive a tasteful branding, a strong presence on the internet, in the printed media and of course there, where it’s most important: in the heads and hearts of your guests.

Marie Schranz

Creativity has been running through her veins since childhood days and manifests itself in every line she draws – whether digitally on paper or on the naked skin. She shows her true colours in her illustrations. As passionate create designer she combines linear forms with flying colours, for bespoke works of art for our clients. Tailor-made to your character and style she designs fresh creations. Her source of inspiration is the crystal-clear water of the Tyrolean lakes.

Hannah Hirschberger

Hannah is a colourful whirlwind of creative ideas, inspiring imagination with her subtle nuances. Her education at "die Graphische Wien" laid the foundation for her unique artworks. Hannah is a narrative artist who creates worlds using images, shapes, and typography. With empathy, she views the product - whether print or online - from various perspectives to craft unique success stories for our clients. Perfect curves and sharp edges also captivate her in her leisure time - during trail running and road cycling.

Sabine Rietzler, BA
Creative Direction

As Creative Director at mindpark Sabine translates the wishes of our clients into bespoke design solutions, which often knock the whole team’s socks of – and make our clients happy. Her brain is really storming and releases storms of creativity and enthusiasm. However, Sabine also convinces with sovereign knowledge, patience and her ability to lend you an ear. Her headlines often compete with the ideas of the copywriters, if she is not busy hunting for contemporary web trends in the internet. Furthermore, she is make-up artist and professional photographer and designer at mindpark since 2016.

Bettina Krismer, BA
Copywriting & Translation

As translator she is armed with the linguistic tools to bring alive your brand in the copytexts. Gripping your prospects with sweet or simple messages. No empty phrases, but content that has power, and reaches your audience. Texts that stay in the hearts and minds of your guests. As guardian of grammar she clears the lexical path from stumbling blocks and combines expert knowledge with creativity to speak with the voice of your brand. Powering up your content, pushing the limits and attracting your audience. She’s hardly lost for words, because she finds inspiration in the Alpine nature.

Simon Ambacher

Still hitting the school books, he already tried his seat in the mindpark. Once he acquired a taste for the hotel marketing industry, he couldn’t let go anymore. As male youngster of our team he fully immerses himself in his exciting tasks. Committedly he supports our team of developers. Hunting bugs, developing newsletters and even taking steps into the exciting and diverse field of web development.

Martin Bacher

Martin is the newest addition to our team of conversion conjurers, a motivated front-end developer with a knack for coding. With the rhythm of the keyboard in his ears, he creates magical worlds from zeros and ones, which then embark on online journeys as newsletters and websites for our clients. Sporty, he not only spends his free time but also his working hours. In mindpark, he skillfully juggles with codes, tracks bugs, and instead of kicking footballs, he kicks around programming languages.

Matthias Haid

His passion for hardware and software is his strength. His will helps him to overcome all programming obstacles. And his intuition is the material from which your promising websites and newsletters are made. Because Matthias has been living on the pulse and code of time since childhood, he speaks the language of machines fluently, and one thing is clear: With this dedication, he can't keep his hands off the keyboard even in his private life. His favourite place remains in front of the screen.

Julia Bulinger

Julia feeds the search engines with well-placed and effective advertisements tailored to the needs of your prospects and your services. Result-driven, traffic-boosting campaigns to strategically deliver optimized assets.

Stefan Ennemoser
Server and Engineering

Second head of the mindpark crew, Stefan, is not often present in our agency’s office in Imst, but pulls the strings invisibly in the background. But not only strings also the wires. Our server expert provides for smooth technical working. Sometimes it seems like a little magic. Maybe it is, we don’t know. But if you ask yourself why everything that is made by mindpark, runs so smoothly – the congenial answer is Stefan. With his understanding of the world wide web, he takes care that all projects, online presences and more are firmly anchored in the web.

Nadja Böhler
Rooms and more

When all the others have left the office, it’s showtime for Nadine. She airs the rooms and takes care of a clear space in our marketing agency. She is not only skilfully waving her wand, but also the broom and duster. Thanks to her all of our mindpark team and our guests feel comfortable in our rooms.


Inspired by mountains and the beauty of our home country we are open to vibrant ideas and exceptional designs. The best thing about our job is no only the view from the window, but also the creative communication with our clients. The exciting path from searching to finding. The gripping stories behind each business which we try to tell your customers. We want to focus on you and your business. As a full service online agency we want to make your brand big. Give it the concept and character it needs for a great presentation on all channels. 

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