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Saltus, Eco Hotel


The Eco Hotel Saltus is located in the idyllic village San Genesio, nestling in an iconic setting above Bolzano on 1,100 metres. It is an homage to nature. The hotel owners created a modern, sustainable house next to the traditional Tschögglbergerhof, which is in the hands of their parents. The hotel promises to not only fulfil but surpass the expectations of the guests in terms of authentic outdoor experiences and sustainable holiday making. We supported them with branding and website design.

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the Gamper Mumelter family
Branding & communications agency - for Hotel Saltus

Simple, elegant. The linear design, the easiness of nature’s beauty and the treetops in the forests inspired our logo design. 

Branding & communications agency - for Hotel Saltus
And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.
Branding & communications agency - for Hotel SaltusBranding & communications agency - for Hotel Saltus

By combining the simplicity of the logo with the handwriting font style, we display the outstanding architecture and the personal touch, the humanity and individuality of the Eco Hotel Saltus. Choosing the colours for web design and print products, we soon realized that nature would provide us with the necessary colour palette. So we used light shades of brown, reminiscent of the materials used for construction and interior – like clay and wood. The colour of the porphyry and lush shades of green emphasize the character of the house.

Just as it is promised on the website, going back to the roots and (re-)bonding with nature is important for the Saltus’ hosts and for those, staying in San Genesio. This philosophy is transported in the printed products too, by using sustainable papers with a high percentage of recycled paper.

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